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  • The future of work is not a destination: Hone your skills.

    The future of work is not a destination: Hone your skills.

    By Adenike Babajamu That digital and AI technologies are transforming the world of work is no longer news. It is also not news that today’s workforce will need to learn and master new skills, and continuously adapt as new opportunities emerge. Several researches including ongoing ones have identified the kind of jobs that may be […]



    A General Contractor (GC) is responsible for managing financial resources, human resources (sub-contractors, trades, vendors), and time constraints to complete a project. As simple as this sounds, it is a complex chain of events broken down to the slightest activity possible to capture and account for all areas. The first step required before construction could take place is the conceptualization of an idea.



    PREAMBLE Youths all around the world today are facing different challenges, difficulties and obstacles that have continually threatened their existence and redefined their identities. While both developed and developing countries have high rates of young people with mental and social problems, the youth living in poorer countries like Nigeria have more severe problems because of […]

  • Emotional Intelligence:Hallmark of leaders

    Emotional Intelligence:Hallmark of leaders

    Emotional intelligence remains one of the most prized hallmark of great leaders. How many times have you had to react in anger and frustration at your team members or direct support on their failure, poor performance and inadequacy in meeting the demands of their tasks? I bet severally; but how did you do it? Did […]

  • ….Year 2022


    COVID-19 has redefined the future of work in every organisation •What specific skills do tomorrow’s administrators require to be accountable? •labor market is more automated, digital, and dynamic. •demand for technological, social, emotional, and higher cognitive skills will grow. •Greater responsibility for administrators to translate  expected to actual performance. Only what gets measured, gets done.

  • A peep into Year 2022: Are you business ready?

    A peep into Year 2022: Are you business ready?

    That the year 2020 was the year when businesses became truly flexible is no longer news. The year witnessed dramatic change in many businesses such that previously restrictive work concepts as working from home, digital transformation and work-life balance became acceptable and in many cases accounted for business continuity. Solutions such as online services, home […]

  • Ongoing research points to the possible launch of 6G by 2028

    While many of the developing countries like mine are battling with what to do about 5G and so called conspiracy theories, research is underway for the iteration of the 6G broadband with China in the lead. — Read on The world is indeed on a wild chase in digital transformation and only nations that […]

  • Admin and Basic Office Operations.

    Today’s corporate organisations are saddled with the responsibilities of training and retraining their staff. Often times good hands are left out simply because of their lack of experience. Most modern organisations have come to realise that the so called “green” hands often become great personnel within the first year of hire. What makes the difference […]

  • How to build a strong team- 10 steps

    Unfortunately we are in a generation where everyone wants to stand out and be in the lead. This has led to very many unhealthy competitions and rivalries in families, private and public organizations. Nothing beats team work in life. No leader can ever succeed without an efficient and effective team. Bob Morgan traces the success […]