Making informed decisions is a bedrock of great leaders

Leadership Tip of the week

Do we really know why some organizations succeed and why others do not?

Irrespective of the kind of organization we run, success is determined largely by how much information or data will gather before making informed decision and what we do with the information. Guess work and mere permutations are some of the reasons why leaders fail to move their organisations to next levels or attain their organisational goals.

Imagine a surgeon who cuts off the limb of his patient only to discover afterwards that there was a better treatment and all he needed was to administer stronger antibiotics. No leader irrespective of the nature of organization (formal or informal) can succeed without adequate, timely and updated information. With modern technology and globalization, accessibility to information is simpler and easier.

This information may be informal by asking friends, colleagues or formal through intense research. Either way, a leader must gather information to make educated or more importantly the right decisions and as well connect theory to practice or reality. Leading people comes with great responsibility and an uninformed decision is bound to not only affect the organization adversely, but the employees as well.

Thus the more the information at the disposal of the headship, the more competitive that organisation will be.

This tip is inspired by the book “Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action” By Simon Sinek

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