Being a leader comes with great responsibilities and demands great skills in people management. A great man was once asked which of the organization’s resources contributed to the success of his multimillion dollar empire. He answered “people”. Also when asked what was his most challenging concern in building the empire he also answered “people”.

For everything you see working in life, it takes people to work it. And behind every failed enterprise or project are people.

People! people! people! No man is an island and indeed no one succeeds alone. From birth a child needs help to be born and nurtured into adulthood. To be a successful leader, you must have a clear understanding of three key things; People, Process and Performance. All of these key elements require the input of people for maximization.

For instance a performance driven leader who values results at all costs and above any other variables requires the efficiency of the people (employees) to achieve the targeted results. Similarly, a Process driven leader who emphasis sound process requires people to implement the process.

People-driven leaders always create immense value for the organization. They are constantly and proactively improving their teams and gearing them towards optimization These is done by deploring people management skills. They create a psychologically safe environment where employees feel supported and valued.

Every organisation is made up of people of different ages, gender, from diverse backgrounds (culture religion), and with different ideas of how to work. This diversity affects their performance and it also means that different groups within your organisation will be motivated by different things and will work best in particular ways. A successful leader knows how to navigate around this diversity to achieve excellence by deploying his people management skills.

No organisation can succeed without the right value for the people that drive the process.

What are People Management Skills?
They are soft skills needed to lead your people as a manager or leader for maximum results. They include such skills as workplace communication, trust, attitude, positivity, self-confidence, empathy, team building, conflict resolution, ability to motivate, negotiation skills, problem solving skills, accountability etc. The list is endless. However, a successful leader must be intentional about using these skills. He must be able to develop and harness the skills among employees so as to give them the support and motivation they need to perform, develop and confront the day to day challenges of the organization.

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