Admin and Basic Office Operations.

Today’s corporate organisations are saddled with the responsibilities of training and retraining their staff. Often times good hands are left out simply because of their lack of experience. Most modern organisations have come to realise that the so called “green” hands often become great personnel within the first year of hire.

What makes the difference is the investment in orientation training and on-boarding programs structured to introduce new hire to the basics of the organisation.

It is important that every new hire understands the structure of the organisation, his position in it and how he can chart a career path in the process. All of these are simplified in the orientation training.

New employees must be introduced to the basic admin and organisational skills as well as simple office etiquettes that will help them adjust in the new role.

This is what this presentation is about.

By denikyjay

My name is Adenike Babajamu. I am an organisational transformation expert and a content creator. I am passionate about human capital development. My focus in life is to help humanity see the light that shines at the end of every dark tunnel. I believe that everything is possible to him that believes it is. I am also assured that starting small in life is God’s divine nature but remaining small is an aberration and definitely not in line with God’s Plan for mankind. I am God-centric, a lover of God who makes Him the centre of everything.

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